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About me

Domus Ensi creations are elegant and exclusive. Original pieces, finished with precious thread and roses in organza. The selected fabrics are made in Italy quality, as is the packaging.

Born and handmade in Piemonte, in their colors they bring to life the sun, the sea and nature. Domus Ensi represents the charm and strength of the woman who wears it. Domus Ensi is suitable not only on the beach, but it is wonderful combined with a skirt or jeans during the summer.

The SS21 collection consists of four models in three colors and each piece is handmade by the skilled hands of our seamstresses that make your Domus Ensi completely unique in detail.

The Fouder

Silvia Casonato is the creator and founder of the Domus Ensi brand.
It all started from a dream, in Novara, in Piemonte. Place of craftsmanship and manual skills.
The only certainty, from an early age, is that Silvia wanted to create something of her own. Unique, inimitable, exclusive. But above all beautiful, to see and to wear.

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Before embarking on the adventure, Silvia lived between social media and photo shoots, the field of fashion has always been present in her daily life.
It may seem strange, but the founder of the Domus Ensi brand has never attended a designer course or a sewing school.
Silvia designs by herself and has always had a great passion for fashion. Self-taught, and therefore even more attentive to every detail. Nothing can ever be taken for granted
She needed a sheet and a pencil to draw the models of her exclusive collection, drawings submitted to her mother Patrizia who, with her experience and stubbornness, immediately built the prototypes, giving way to an extraordinary experience.
Today the costumes with organza roses are her greatest pride.The dream has become reality, and Domus Ensi presents itself as an emblem of elegance and passion, a peculiarity of the founder.
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